[Winpcap-users] Which is faster?

Paul Heil paul.heil at gmail.com
Fri Sep 28 23:30:20 GMT 2007

I'm having performance issues with pcap_next_ex() and I was wondering if it
was any faster to use pcap_loop() with a dispatch function?
The frames I want to capture are
only 24 bytes, but I want to be able to count all of them if they
arrive at 50 frames per second. Wireshark has no trouble seeing them
all, but I only count around 90%

What I'm doing now looks like this:

   pcap_open( timeout = 100ms );
   pcap_setmintocopy( 128 bytes );
     // listen for 10 seconds after that, m_bListening is set to false by
another thread
    while( m_bListening == TRUE && pcap_next_ex( pcapHandle, &pkt_header,
&pkt_data ) >= 0 )
        // walk through the radiotap and TCP/IP structures getting the data
        // statistics I want from the captured frames.

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