[Winpcap-users] Performance issues, please help

popa andrei popaaaandrei at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 2 18:22:54 GMT 2008

I am working on an IDS project for Windows XP. I am using WinPcap to sniff packets from 1 network adapter. The project is build in Visual Studio 2008 / NET Framework 3. The capturing thread is a BackgroundWorker which uses pcap_next_ex to capture pachets. For each packet, I have to get tcp/udp information and store it in a hashtable, so there are only a few operations that needs to be done for each packet.
When I test the application on high traffic (>2MB/sec), the Mem Usage becomes ridiculously high, after 10 mins : 600-1000MB of RAM used, and 30-40 processor usage, and Growing :(  What can be the cause of that ? I don't save packet data in memory...
Does the pkt_data pointer has to be de-allocated in some way after processing information?
Thank you,
Andrei Popa

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