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   1. RE: first ethernet pkt gobbled by the next	one...solved
      (Har Yash Bahadur)

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Date: Tue, 8 Apr 2008 13:29:01 +0530
From: Har Yash Bahadur <har.bahadur at conexant.com>
Subject: [Winpcap-users] RE: first ethernet pkt gobbled by the next
To: Har Yash Bahadur <har.bahadur at conexant.com>,
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>Hi All,

>I found that WinPcap is not able to send or receive Ethernet packets of size >1514 bytes (inclusive of 14 byte MAC header).
>The packet lost was of 1518 bytes which is the standard size in case of Ethernet packets. It means the payload cannot be more >than 1500 (=1514 - 14) bytes.

>I tried the same thing while sending a packet and I got an error from function "pcap_sendpacket". When I reduced
>the total size to 1514 it works fine!

>Anybody has any idea why this LIMIT? Ahs anybody else faced this issue?

>Har Yash

Unless I'm missing something really obvious, looking at your code
snippet, isn't it becasuse you have set the snaplen to 1530?


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