[Winpcap-users] Retrieve all headers from packets.

Pawel Rycerski rycus at poczta.fm
Fri Apr 18 20:38:56 GMT 2008

[Win Xp, WinPcap]

>From reading wpcap defaults progs from docs and posix lib%u2019s I%u2019ve got crazy nowadays.
To make it easy and do not mislead you, I will put it briefly. 

I am very confused right now. Please help me out.
1.	Why the structures from wpcap and posix lib are so different?
2.	Where I can find structures for decode/interpret all known headers over Ethernet? 
( @ docs/html/group__wpcap__tut6 ( Interpreting the packets ) there are 2 structures that deconstruct the packet to be parsed and interpreted, but only to ip and udp ) do I have to write them on my own ?

3.	Having struts for ethernet, ip, tcp, udp will be enough to present all the data from all headers?

Best regards .

Szalony rowerzysta ucieka policji!

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