[Winpcap-users] Name resolution issue

Lin George george4academic at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 19 07:22:55 GMT 2008

Hello everyone,

Suppose I have a local machine named (host) mytestmachine, and in my intranet, I am using transparent proxy server, which will do DNS resolution.


My question is, when I send an Http request to the local machine, even if in the same domain, using the following Url,
http://mytestmachine:8080/test, then my question is the traffic is still send to proxy server and proxy will do a round of DNS resolution -- and may search WWW DNS servers to resolve mytestmachine to IP address? Is it not smart enough to know the machine is local domain machine?


And second question is, using IP address other than machine name will resolve this issue to bypass DNS resolution and even by pass proxy if in the same domain, e.g. Any other solutions?



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