[Winpcap-users] adapter interface do not show up any more in wireshark

Muazzam Arslan Bhatti muazzamarslan at com-cept.com
Fri Aug 29 04:43:49 GMT 2008

i have encountered a strange problem . my application uses 3.1.0 beta winpcap library to capture packets.it has been working successfuly for quite a long time.    now , winpcap fails to return adapter information . i am running win xp sp2. i installaed latest wire shark and with it came lateast winpcap as well, now when i try to capture packet i dont see any interface in interface option.is it a virus or trojan that i have received from network ? . otherwise machine is working fine and interacting with other machines on LAN.i uninstalled windows and re installed.installed winpcap and executed my application it worked fine for a few minutes and again it showed same problme No network interface even inwire shark.while installation my machine remianed on LAN. can any specify what could be the possible reason. is there any issue with winpcap which a trojan or virus can exploit.


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