[Winpcap-users] Getting timestamp while waiting for packets

Merello Andrea andrea.merello at iit.it
Fri Dec 12 08:20:06 GMT 2008

We are developing an application (win32) that needs getting raw packets from ethernet NICs, and we thought immediately to winpcap, however reading the API documentation I couldn't solve a couple of doubt about winpcap...

We would like to have an accurate timestamp on each received packet, and we see winpcap tag effectively each packet with the timestamp, but we need also to know the value of the timestamp clock even when no packet is arriving (to keep in sync, and detect drift and latency, with other sources of packets on different medias, like CAN-BUS).

Is there any way to do this? 

Also how the timestamping is done? Is it simply a software tagging from the system clock?

Thank you

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