[Winpcap-users] Additional virtual network interface - installed when installing WinPCAP 4

Yaniv Shnieder shnieder at gmail.com
Fri Jan 4 06:44:34 GMT 2008

When I install WinPCAP 4 on my Windows 2003 Server computer, an
additional "Virtual" Network card \ network interface is being
installed automatically and is being activated\enable only when an
Administrator\Power user is logged on.
When a standard\limited user is logged onto the W2K3 OS the device is
not even identified in my Network Enumerator \ Wire Shark,
which makes my application act differently when logging-in with
different user privileges.

Are you familiar with an installation option who cancel this virtual
interface installation when installing the WinPcap.
Or is there an option to remove \ disable this interface after
installing the WinPcap ??


Yaniv Shnieder
shnieder at gmail.com

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