[Winpcap-users] use of winpcap with PLC net

Jean-Luc Pamart jlpamart at yahoo.fr
Thu Jan 24 20:33:09 GMT 2008


I have a home net with :

2 windows PC1 and PC2 (with winpcap and wireshark)
1 linux Arm PC3 (with libpcap and snort)
1 Modem-router xDSL : M

they are connected on a PLC ( Intellon INT51X1 (14 bps))
like this :

PC1          PC2            PC3
eth               eth              eth
eth/PLC      eth/PLC      eth/PLC
====================== M ====Internet

My problem : I don't see (with snort or wireshark) any traffic to and 
from foreign machines ...
I see broadcast messages, messages to and from the sniffer PC but 
nothing else
(yes I know : it's a very common problem) but after days of research :

- PLC net is bus like
- at least my linux ethernet card pass to promiscuous mode (dmesg : eth0 
promiscuous ...)
- my Router is a switch : yes but all the connections are made via the 
PLC bus ...

I miss something ?


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