[Winpcap-users] Ping works only when ethereal is ON

Sunil Dutt sunil.d at redpinesignals.com
Wed Jul 2 13:11:03 GMT 2008

  We are working on  USB based WinXP network WLAN station driver.
We are facing an issue with the ICMP(the association to the AP is done).
We do a ping request to the AP and also get the reply from the AP.We 
also indicate the received reply to the TCP/IP stack but the successive 
pings do not take place.
The same happens when the ethereal(packet sniffer ) is on.
When we close the sniffer the successive pings do not happen.
We could not find any relation between indication of the received packet 
to the TCP/IP stack and the ethereal.
The firewall in the case of WINDOWS is TURNED OFF.
Can anyone comment on this.

Thanks in Advance

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