[Winpcap-users] How to use WinpCap to capture SQL command send over NIC

Renato Araújo Ferreira marina.peixe at terra.com.br
Mon Jul 21 22:24:43 GMT 2008

What are you trying to do? Detect the queries transactions or fetch your 

I'm saying it because i'm working in a application that analyze traffic 
normally like NTOP, but permit the user to add some protocols transaction 
signature to be searched inside packets payload to determine the amount of 
requests and it's response times. It runs as windows service, has a web 
interface in asp.net to run in IIS and a XML interface to permit the user to 
programatically acces the reports to use in another applications. I didn't 
release it's binaries or source code yet, but I started it a lot of months 
ago and it's already usable. If you want to try (and, sure, help me to build 
a better application), i can send you a copy and help you to install.

You can see a screenshot of measurements of HTTP requests to 
www.google.com.br at http://img329.imageshack.us/img329/8085/tsssmp3.gif .

But if you're trying to fetch the queries content, good luck in your job.


Renato A. Ferreira

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Dear All,

I am new with winpcap. I am studying if we can use winpcap lib to capture 
packet send over NIC then filter (port, protocol) and parse it into SQL 

The purpose is I want to write a tool SQL audit use winpCap lib

is it possible?, and how /where do i begin with?

Thanks for your help

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