[Winpcap-users] pcap_fopen_offline not exported?

Fish fish at infidels.org
Mon Jul 28 16:16:41 GMT 2008

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Okraszewski, Marcin wrote:

> So I have it working now. I have slightly modified WinPcap
> to make the API expose the pcap_fopen_offline():
> In pcap.h I have added:

<snip details>

> And finally I have added the pcap_hopen_offline to exports in
> wpcap.def.  

Thank you Marcin. You saved me the bother of replying to Bryan with
basically the same thing. Your proposed change is indeed what I was
thinking of. I guess I didn't explain that too well to Bryan.

And yes Bryan, what you wrote is absolutely correct: you can't safely
pass CRT fd's, but then too that's not really what I was proposing to
do. What I was proposing to do is pretty much exactly what Marcin
coded. I just botched things badly trying to explain it.

> Thank you all for input in this matter.

You're very welcome.

I'm just sorry I didn't explain myself too well but I guess that's
okay since Bryan was kind enough to clear things up for me. (Thanks

> Is there any chance this kind of solution to be included in
> WinPcap?  

Good question.

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