[Winpcap-users] pcap_fopen_offline not exported?

Gianluca Varenni gianluca.varenni at cacetech.com
Tue Jul 29 01:00:23 GMT 2008

The problem is that it needs to be linked to the CRT of the application, not 
to the CRT of the library.
So in any case it will be a special function because it's not actually 
exported by wpcap.dll.


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> On Jul 28, 2008, at 6:45 AM, Okraszewski, Marcin wrote:
>> So I have it working now. I have slightly modified WinPcap to make the
>> API expose the pcap_fopen_offline():
>> In pcap.h I have added:
>> -------------------------------------------------------
>> #define pcap_fopen_offline(f,b) \
>>        pcap_hopen_offline(_get_osfhandle(_fileno(f)), b)
>> #endif
> Should this be a macro or a function?  It's a function in UN*X, and if 
> anybody writes code that expects it to be a function (e.g., passes  around 
> a pointer to it), that code won't work on Windows if it's not a  function.
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