[Winpcap-users] pcap_findalldevs doesn't find the new device and leaks memory

tamagawa at skygroup.jp tamagawa at skygroup.jp
Wed Jun 4 00:59:05 GMT 2008

Hi lists,

I have a problem with Winpcap4.0.2 on WindowsXP SP2.

My program runs a loop in which it detects new network interface.
When I have a new NIC in a PCI slot and boot XP, Winpcap doesn't
find the new installed card with pcap_findalldevs. And, in the loop,
everytime pcap_findalldevs is called, it leaks several KB memories.

The problem doesn't happen after second boot. It could be that
in case the driver for the new installed card become active after
Winpcap is started, Winpcap can never find the card.

Is there any workaround for these problems?

Thanks in advance for any advice.

Warm regards,
tamagawa ryuji

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