[Winpcap-users] Monitoring network traffic between two processes on the same host?

Brockus, David P. dbrockus at ou.edu
Thu Jun 5 17:01:40 GMT 2008


Is there a way to use WinPcap to monitor network traffic between two processes on the same host?

I am using Server 2003 Std.  I have a user application that is communicating with a Windows service on the same host.  The service is bound to an ip address on the server (not the local loopback).  I need to be able to see the traffic between the user application and the service.  I have tried using a binary installer of Wireshark 1.0 that ships with WinPcap 4.0.2.  It is not able to see the network traffic between the two processes.

The only option that seems left to me to built a second server and move the service to the 'new' server, then I can monitor the traffic.  I would like to avoid this if possible.

Any ideas?


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