[Winpcap-users] pcap_findalldevs_ex()

Gianluca Varenni gianluca.varenni at cacetech.com
Tue Jun 24 17:07:04 GMT 2008

The documentation should be fixed. At the beginning we declared pcap_findalldevs as obsolete, it's definitely NOT. I committed a patch to our documentation on our source tree to remove the "obsolescence" of pcap_findalldevs.

Regarding the devpack, pcap_findalldevs_ex is defined in remote-ext.h. You should *not* include that header file directly, you need to define the preprocessor definitions WPCAP and HAVE_REMOTE before including pcap.h, for example like this:

#define WPCAP
#include <pcap.h>

Hope it helps
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  I'm a bit confused as to whether or not pcap_findalldevs_ex() is the preferred usage.  The docs say that pcap_findalldevs() is obsolete which is fine, but the developers pack doesn't include them in the headers at all (although it appears to be in the downloadable source).  I assume this is an oversight in the developers pack, but then I may be missing something.


  Should I just be using pcap_findalldevs() or should I plan on using the source version?





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