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       Hi, everyone. For some reason,  I need to recompile npf.sys and packet.dll , then rename them as net.sys  and pkt.dll . What I should do in order to make them work correctly as before ? 

Renaming the binaries (through the appropriate makefiles/project files) is not enough. You would need to rename the devices created by the driver and modify packet.dll in the same way. Why do you want to create your own version of the WinPcap binaries?

  At the same time, would you like to send me a INF file for  npf.sys. 

The driver is not installer with an INF file. It's installed by directly interacting with the service control manager.

Have a nice day

  I only know how to use wpcap and have nothing about internal structure of winpcap.  I am looking forward to your early reply.
      Thanks for any help.

  Frank Yue 


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