[Winpcap-users] PPP Interface Huawei E220 not in the device list

José Santos jecs.pt at gmail.com
Fri Mar 21 09:18:16 GMT 2008

I'm a newbie and I searched all the web for a decent Traffic Monitor
Software in order to monitor my (very) limited Internet service and I
couldn't find any who catch-all my needs...so, I decided to develop one of
my own with winpcap and jpcap...

My problem now is a big confusion...I tested Windump and several other tests
and my network interface was never in the device
list...I'm using a dial-up 3G modem (Huawei e220 Mobile Connect)...

Can anyone tell me why? There is any specificity in this king of network?
Why its not shown as an network interface?

Thanks for any help...

José Santos

P.S.-I already submitted this "incompatibility" in AirSnare / WinPcap Site
but I really would like to understand what kind of specificities this
interface has...its possible to tweak vista in order to winpcap detect my
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