[Winpcap-users] snaplen in pcap_open_live

Guy Harris guy at alum.mit.edu
Fri Sep 19 19:44:31 GMT 2008

On Sep 19, 2008, at 9:40 AM, Gianluca Varenni wrote:

> snaplen is used only if you use a capture filter, as the snaplen  
> feature is implemented as a filter. This is the standard behavior of  
> snaplen on libpcap/winpcap.

...at least on *BSD, Mac OS X, and Windows.  In Linux, the return  
value of the BPF filter program isn't treated as a snapshot length,  
and, on some other platforms, the BPF filter isn't even handed to the  
kernel - in those cases, the snapshot length is supplied elsewhere,  
which is why the snapshot length might happen to work without a  
capture filter on Linux when it doesn't work on Windows (or *BSD or  
Mac OS X).

> If you want to use snaplen and you don't need a filter, please  
> compile an empty filter (i.e. the string "").

Yes.  This, arguably, should be fixed, so that, if a snapshot length <  
65535 is specified, and no capture filter is specified, a trivial BPF  
program (ret {snapshot length}) is installed with BPF and WinPcap.

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