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Most of the wireless network cards do not support promiscuous mode, i.e. even when they accept the request to go into promiscuous mode, they will just capture to/from the machine.

Also, your problem seem to be related to fedora 7, this mailing list is mainly related to the windows port of libpcap. For more detailed answers, I would suggest you to send your questions to the tcpdump-workers mailing list.

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        Thanks for reply. I have solved the previous problem by adding static MAC Address in arp talble. now the problem is that my wifi card in not capturing packets in promiscusous mode my wifi card is DWLG122(D link) and it support promiscuous mode when i see the log the card goes into promiscuous mode but it is not capturing packets that are not destined to it. Any help in this regard i have open the card using pcap_open_live(). I am using fedora 7

          Muhammad Tassadaque Zia 


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