[Winpcap-users] Partially found interface

Gianluca Varenni gianluca.varenni at cacetech.com
Thu Sep 25 18:27:15 GMT 2008

WinPcap does not support capturing on most of the VPN clients on Vista and 
x64 versions of Windows.

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> Hi there.
> I'm using latest beta of WinPCap for Windows 2003 Server x64.
> I have ONE physical network card, which connected to the LAN with IP
> 10.9.x.x. And my ISP requires that I use VPN for connecting to the
> internet (IP: 77.50.x.x).
> In any WinPCap application (like Wireshark), WinPCap detects only one
> interface, which looking in 10.9.x.x. network. I want to capture traffic
> from another network/internet (IP: 77.50.x.x) nor from my LAN.
> Is it possible to fix my issue?
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