[Winpcap-users] dll Distribution

Gianluca Varenni gianluca.varenni at cacetech.com
Thu Sep 25 18:33:08 GMT 2008


if what you want is just reading/writing files, what I would do is pick the 
version of packet.dll and wpcap.dll that have less dependencies, and can run 
on all the operating systems from NT4 on.

In particular, wpcap.dll is the same for all the OSes.
If you want to have your app run on all the windows OSes including NT4, 
please use packet.dll installed on NT4.
If you don't care for NT4, then use the version of packet.dll installed on 
Vista. Also, I suggest you to keep your DLLs in your application folder i.e. 
do not install them under windows\system32.

Have a nice day

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>I use winpcap to read capture files. I am not capturing packets or  doing 
>anything else in the application beyond calling  pcap_open_offline, 
>pcap_compile, pcap_setfilter, and pcap_next_ex. I  would like to be able to 
>xcopy deploy the application. Do I need to  install winpcap using the 
>packaged installer, or can I just distribute  the appropriate dlls (I'm 
>guessing wpcap.dll and packet.dll)? I don't  think I need the driver, but I 
>don't know what dependencies there are.
> Right now it seems all the computers I have access to have Wireshark 
> installed, so I can't test.
> thanks,
> slavy
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