[Winpcap-users] WinPCap for UMTS?

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Btw if you use the Winpcap API in your own application be careful to capture packets in your main thread. Because of some COM considérations WinPCAP is not able to see dial-up networking interfaces from other threads.


Patrick Sachet

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On Mar 31, 2009, at 1:35 AM, Bozidar Lukovic wrote:

> i´m new to WinPCap and capturing packets and i have a quite special 
> problem.
> I´m writing a master thesis in which i need to capture packets, which 
> come in via UMTS.

Presumably these are PPP packets, not packets at, for example, the radio layer of UMTS.

> The first step will be capturing on a windows pc, later this should be 
> done on mobile devices (Win Mobile, Symbian, and so on).
> Is it possible to capture packets over UMTS card with WinPCap? The 
> problem i´m thinking of, is that an UMTS Card is not a network card, 
> but a modem.

As Patrick Sachet indicated, if what's running over UMTS is PPP, and the Windows networking stack uses the UMTS card the way it uses a dial- up modem, that should work with WinPcap the same way dial-up modems work.

> As i understood raw sockets shouldn´t work on an UMTS card, do they?

WinPcap doesn't use raw sockets; it uses NDIS to talk to most networking devices, and, for dial-up, I think it uses the same drivers that Microsoft Network Monitor uses.

Note that none of this will help on Symbian, of course, as it's a completely different operating system.  I think Windows Mobile is based on/descended from Windows CE; there exists a version of WinPcap for Windows CE, linked to from


but whether it'll work on current versions of Windows Mobile is another matter (note all the caveats).  I can't speak for any of the Linux-based OSes used in mobile phones and, when last I looked at iPhone OS, the good news is that it *does* have BPF so you *can* run libpcap on it (in fact, there was a version of tcpdump available for jailbroken phones), but the bad news is that all you get on the mobile phone networking interface is raw IP packets (so if you need more detail, that's not available) and you would have to jailbreak the phone *and* will probably need to arrange to run as root.
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