[Winpcap-users] NPF Device Driver

Alessandro Capucci alessandro at totalwire.it
Fri Apr 10 03:18:52 PDT 2009

Hello to every body,
I'm new in WinPCap library... I'm study it
for an interesting new project... 10GBit deep packet inspection. I'm try
to connect directly with WinPCap NPF driver for best performance. All work
fine on my 1GBit adapter! Next week I'll hope to star test with
10GBit adapter.

I've some question: 

0) Do you
think that NPF driver with a good hardware can be able to capture 10GBit
ethernet packet without sensible packet lost ?

Packet.dll functions are callable in multithread applications ? For
example can I call PacketReceivePacket or PacketGetStats
 in two different concurent thread on the same device
? Are serialized ?

2) WinPCap NPF drive is able to take
advantage of RSS (Receive Side Scaling)  availble in Win2008 server

Tnk you very much!
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