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Tnk, I reply to you inline in this mail in RED.

Il giorno 10/apr/09, alle ore 21:12, Gianluca Varenni ha scritto:

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Subject: [Winpcap-users] NPF Device Driver

Hello to every body,
I'm new in WinPCap library... I'm study it for an interesting new project... 
10GBit deep packet inspection. I'm try to connect directly with WinPCap NPF 
driver for best performance. All work fine on my 1GBit adapter! Next week 
I'll hope to star test with 10GBit adapter.

By "connecting directly to the WinPcap Driver" you mean calling the Packet 
API directly?
-> YES, I'm connecting directly to NPF driver via Packet32.c interface (I 
haven't use Packet.dll). I'm using Vista, but next week I'll try Windows 
Server 2008 to take advantage of NDIS 6.2 and RSS.

I wouldn't actually do that. Unless you modify npf.sys to become an NDIS 6 
protocol driver, npf.sys is an NDIS 5 driver. On Vista/2008 NDIS5 is 
"emulated" on top of NDIS6 with an adaptation shim. So you might actually 
incur into a perf hit.

I've some question:

0) Do you think that NPF driver with a good hardware can be able to capture 
10GBit ethernet packet without sensible packet lost ?

No, I don't think so. Capturing at 10Gbps, expecially in the worst case i.e. 
64byte packets, it's an extremely challenging task. Even custom capture 
cards (which cost thousands of dollars) have a very hard time dealing with 
such an amount of packets.
-> Tnk, i'll try benchmark WinPCap NPF Driver with generalpurpose ethernet 
adapter like PCI-Express Intel® 10 Gigabit XF SR Server Adapters (with RSS 
enabled)  VERSUS an specialized card like DAG by Endace.

1) Packet.dll functions are callable in multithread applications ? For 
example can I call PacketReceivePacket or PacketGetStats  in two different 
concurent thread on the same device ? Are serialized ?
In general the functions are not thread safe when working on the same 
LPADAPTER structure.
->Ok tnk, I'll put it in critical section.

If performance is your main objective, then putting a critical section might 
again hurt performance. I would be careful with that.


2) WinPCap NPF drive is able to take advantage of RSS (Receive Side Scaling) 
availble in Win2008 server 
Next week I'll try to introduce another value in the information callback, 
not only Packet Received and Packet Dropped but percentage of use of the 
kernel circular buffer for CPU. I think that this value could be usefull to 
tuning Kernel side buffer size.
Do you think that could be usefull to introduce in your public distribution?

How would you use it?



Have a nice day

Tnk you very much!

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