[Winpcap-users] pcap_sendqueue_transmit() has 128MB limit?

Janne Heikkinen janne.m.heikkinen at helsinki.fi
Fri Apr 24 06:48:25 PDT 2009

Quoting "Janne Heikkinen" <janne.m.heikkinen at helsinki.fi>:

> Quoting "Gianluca Varenni" <gianluca.varenni at cacetech.com>:
>> I haven't tested it myself, but I bet it's a limit of the OS itself. In
>> practice the OS does not support a single write operation with a buffer of
>> more than 128/256MB (and this limit probably depends on the OS flavor and
>> version).
>> Why are you trying to transmit such a big single buffer?
> I have embedded device that can send data more than 1GB with constant
> throughput and was trying to simulate that situation with PC sending
> the data.

I tried using 10 send queues and there seems to be delay of about
150 milliseconds between different send queues.

- Janne

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