[Winpcap-users] Cannot get wpcap to build - sln is broken

Dennis Drew drewcrewof2 at yahoo.com
Sat Aug 8 08:30:55 PDT 2009

From the "How to Compile" section of the source download. The wpcap.sln contained in the directory wpcap\PRJ is broken and will not compile or allow inspection of the Properties. Anyone have a valid Soultion anywhere?
Compiling wpcap.dll
wpcap.dll can be compiled for any Win32 platform and the generated dll is system independent.
System Requirements:
	* Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 SP1. It's theoretically possible to compile the x86 version with Visual Studio 6, but the project files are no longer maintained. 
	* The AirPcap developer's pack from http://www.cacetech.com/products/airpcap.htm. The AirPcap developer's pack needs to be unzipped in a folder in the same folder where the WinPcap sources have been unzipped.There are eight build project configurations:
To compile the wpcap.dll, load the project wpcap.sln contained in the directory wpcap\PRJ in Visual Studio 2005. There are several project configurations, each of them available for the x86 (Win32) and x64 platforms:
	* Release: standard release configuration 
	* Debug: standard debug configuration 
	* Release No AirPcap: release configuration without support for AirPcap adapters. 
	* Debug No AirPcap: debug configuration without support for AirPcap adapters. 
Choose the desired configuration and build the project to obtain the binary files.
Compiling wpcap.dll
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