[Winpcap-users] Cannot get Packet.dll to load onr Vista

Dennis Drew drewcrewof2 at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 17 10:23:54 PDT 2009

GV, I want to make some minor changes in the Packet code. That is why I want to recompile it. This is an open source project and folks just should be able to try things out right? I have timing/synchronization  issues on a high performance system and I am curious about what is going on at this low level. I have put in some callbacks in packet that are made during the spinning to wait between packets sent to let me know what is going on. Basically I am using a Quad core system that has different processes running on different cores. I am trying to see what each core is up to at any one time. These low lever routines are being used by several upper level applications. If one thread (above) is being stalled then I am wondering if another stack of packets could be sent. This is not the whole story but it is what I am exploring. It should be ok to experiment with this project, right?

Now my experimental code is working just fine on XP single core cpu. Now I have mover over to my Qud core Vista 64 bit machine changing nothing and Vista will only see the original Packet dll you released on December 23 2008 at 8:36 AM.

By the way, below you said:
The 64bit one goes to windows\system32
The 32bit one goes to windows\sysWOW64

Is this not in reverse?

I am using Windows Explorer to copy the files and it lets me see both directories without redirection just fine. I am not recreating the installer, just copying the files from the build directory (...\winpcap\packetNtx\Dll\Project\Debug\x86-x64) to the respective System 32 / WOW areas. The ones the installer put there will load and run but exactly named equivalents built on the same system cannot be seen/loaded. Totally strange. I am using Visual Studio 2005 on both the XP box and the Vista box.

Sure wish we had a type of forum where one could include/attach jpg screen shots. 


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Things get complicated on a 64 bit machine. First of all, there are two versions of packet.dll (as of 4.1beta5), the 32bit one and the 64 bit one.
The 64bit one goes to windows\system32
The 32bit one goes to windows\sysWOW64
Moreover, if the application that you use to copy the files is 32bit (e.g. you use total commander), then things get more complicated. The *real* windows\system32 folder is hidden. If you try to open a file in windows\system32, the OS redirects your calls to windows\sysWOW64.
Out of curiosity, why are you trying to recompile and manually install WinPcap. In some previous mail you were saying that you needed to build a WinPcap-based application. If so, there is no need to recompile WinPcap and reproduce the installer.
Have a nice day
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>Subject: [Winpcap-users] Cannot get Packet.dll to load onr Vista
>Well, if I install the Wdpcap exe, and it installs a Packet.dll in the Windoes\System - or SysWOW64 directory, it can be found and runs. But when I build my own Packet dll in Win32 or 64 bit and put both in Windows System or SysWOW64, the Vista cannot "see" or load them. Whne I rename mine to Packet.dll_mine and rename the one installed by the Wdpcap installer to Packet.dll, everything is fine. By the way, under XP Pro, my Packet dll loads and runs fine. 
>Something is preventing a debug version to load under Vista. Anyone else having this problem and have a solution?
>Dennis Drew
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