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Gianluca Varenni gianluca.varenni at cacetech.com
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WinPcap cannot block the traffic received by the host. It can only receive the traffic and inject it out of the network card.

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  I am a new user on wpcap about,
  i am using  on wpcap.lib on C, any can
  help please...

  I need reject a page after detect the host from
  the page, actually i am getting the packets,
  filtering and parsing the packets obtain the 
  host and retrive url, but i need send to browser
  that "Acess  Denied", or change the packet and
  reflect this change on browser, the case is to denied
  the acces to x url .

  I am changing the packet contents and i send tha packets 
  using both examples from wpcap, the second using the packet.dll
  and the results are the same,  change the trafic on the packets 
  sents watching  the statics card, but not recive anything,

  Other case was the send a packets with the HTTP header
  using winsock on the 80 port, but i get the same results, changing 
  the bytes sents but not recive anything,

  Thanks by your atention,


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