[Winpcap-users] [ANNOUNCE] WinPcap 4.1 beta5 has been released

Gianluca Varenni gianluca.varenni at cacetech.com
Thu Jan 8 21:18:09 GMT 2009

As of today, WinPcap 4.1 beta5 is available in the download section of the
WinPcap website, http://www.winpcap.org/install/ .

This new build includes an x64 version of the user level libraries, so it's
possible to create native x64 applications based on WinPcap. The x64
libraries have been briefly tested with the x64 version of the samples, but
not with any real-world application, as they currently do not exist, with
the exception of an internal x64 build of WinDump.

It also includes the latest available release of libpcap (1.0.0).

Full details can be found in the change log attached at the end of this

Being a beta release, as usual, we encourage people to test it and report
any anomaly or strange behavior to the WinPcap mailing lists.

Gianluca Varenni
WinPcap Team

Changelog from WinPcap 4.1 beta4

- Starting from this build, WinPcap is completely compiled with Visual
  Studio 2005 SP1 (in order to have a single build environment for x86
  and x64) and WDK6000. While the projects for Visual Studio 6 are still
  available in the source package, they are no longer maintained.

- wpcap.dll has been updated to libpcap 1.0.0 from http://www.tcpdump.org.

- The new VS2005 project files for wpcap.dll and packet.dll have been
  simplified a lot (i.e. less configurations!).

- Big parts of the installer have been rewritten and cleaned up to account
  for the x64 binaries installation.

- The old WanPacket DLL has been removed. The code has been merged into

- The developer's pack includes LIB files for both x86 and x64 (for Visual
  Studio). At the moment we don't have the LIB files for Cygwin under x64.

- The samples have been ported to Visual Studio 2005, and they compile for
  both x86 and x64 architectures. The old Visual Studio 6 projects are
  still available but not actively maintained.

- Bug fixing:
  + Fixed the remote code to make it compile properly on Linux.
  + Fixed a problem with the icon in the windows control panel.
  + Fixed an installation bug under x64 for rpcapd.exe. When installing
    rpcapd on an x64 machine, the executable is located in c:\program files
    (x86), not in c:\program files.
  + Support an indefinite number of IP (v4 and v6) addresses associated with
    an adapter.
  + Check that IPv4 is bound to an adapter before getting the IPv4 addresses
    from the registry.
  + Fixed several compilation warnings in the samples.
  + Exported pcap_hopen_offline.
  + Added a missing definition of HAVE_UINT64 in the bittypes.h.
  + Fixed a bug in the filtering code for TurboCap adapters. The snaplen was
    completely ignored.

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