[Winpcap-users] hello,i ask about,pcap-open-live()

yalogr yalogr at 163.com
Tue Jul 14 01:59:55 PDT 2009

<first question1.>
i have pcap_setfilter(arp)---i just wang to recv arp packets.now...
pcap_loop(adhandle,1,dispatcher_handler,NULL);if i can say:after recv 1 arp-packet,then return pcap_loop. or ip,icmp-packets...
<2 question.>
i want to find alive-computers.but i send 255 arp-request,but it has to take long time to get all arp-replys.
how should i set pcap_loop(,count??,),and pcap_open_live(,,time??).
count and time have any relation????
thank you.
i am waiting for your reply.

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