[Winpcap-users] sleep in pcap_next_ex api

Prasanna Kumar Nelam prasannakumar.n at imimobile.com
Tue Jul 14 03:27:55 PDT 2009

Dear All,


I am using pcap_next_ex() API to read the packets from Network. In my
application I implemented 2 threads one for reading the packets from
network, and other for process these packets.

I am giving the code snippet, can u please suggest me whether it is correct
or not.







The lines below are used to copy the captured pkt into our local buffer


packet_capture *packet=new packet_capture();









                        The following lines are used to put the packet into
queue, the packets from this C++queue are read by another thread 


                                    CAutoLock lock(g_syncpkt);


                                    printf("\n the queue size







                        printf("Error reading the packets: %s\n",

                        FILE *fp;


                        fprintf(fp,"%s-%s\n","Error reading the packets",








My doubt is it correct to write Sleep() at the
while((res=pcap_next_ex(pcap.m_padhandle,&header,&pkt_data))>0) loop, by
putting the sleep shall we loss any packet.


Before intrducing the Sleep() in the code, I am getting delayed processing
thread, and I am not able to process the packets immediately after
capturing, because of that the virtual memory is increasing.

Thanks in Advance for your advice.




Thanks and Regds,

Prasanna Kumar.N,

Software Engineer,

R&D Networks,





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