[Winpcap-users] Out of my depth...

Benjamin Kiefer redslasher99 at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 22 16:43:56 PDT 2009

Okay, I'm a college student who barely uses c++, and wanted to put all the functionality of winpcap into a .dll that I can use in, say, c#. Would anyone be able to tell me what exactly I'd need for it to work, because I'm REALLY confused by the documentation. The sample code doesn't compile properly, and it'd be really nice to just have a .sln to run that actually works. This seems very complex as is, and the documentation doesn't really help. Apparently they don't know what "tutorials" look like, because as far as I know, giving someone a complete .cpp and barely going into what is done on it doesn't help anyone learn.

Any help would be greatly appreciated (i.e. a REAL tutorial describing which functions are used to do what and why, and how they do it) or I'd just be happy with a .dll that I can call stuff from if that's all you can do. Thanks again.

 Benjamin C. Kiefer

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