[Winpcap-users] pcap_setbuff occasional failure

Sassone, Ed Ed.Sassone at autonomy.com
Mon Jun 1 07:33:37 PDT 2009

We finally caught the error.  We did not get the Task Manager screen
shot.  Also you are correct in that serializing the initialization did
not help.


One thing interesting, we have two threads per NIC card setting
different buffer sizes.  The first allocation worked and the second did
not.  The bracketed number is the thread id.


05/29 14:24:54.53 Interface.cpp:93: [00001A54] Set buffer size to
1048576 for interface \Device\NPF_{F4E3EFD7-CAB0-481B-86E3-874358548A34}
: Signaling Interface


05/29 14:24:54.53 Interface.cpp:85: [00001174] Could not set buffer size
to 5242880 for interface
\Device\NPF_{F4E3EFD7-CAB0-481B-86E3-874358548A34}: driver error: not
enough memory to allocate the kernel buffer



Ed Sassone

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Essentially a critical section around all the adapter initialization
calls so it will only be in one set a time, across all threads and
adapters.  Unfortunately I didn't have it print the pcap_geterr string.
I just put that in.  It may be awhile until we catch it in the act.




Ed Sassone


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Serializing pcap_setbuff should not be necessary (serializing against
what? multiple calls on the same adapter? on the same pcap_t handle?).


Expecially considering that the only solution is a reboot, I would think
that there is some sort of leak either in the WinPcap driver or in some
other driver in the system. What's the exact error message returned by

Also, after the problem occurs and before rebooting, open Task Manager,
go to the Performance Tab and send me a screenshot of it, if possible.


Have a nice day



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	Every so often in our application during startup, the
pcap_setbuff call will fail.  We are unable to re-create the problem but
it seems to happen after the application has been stopped and started a
number of times.  Once the failure occurs it will continue to occur,
until a reboot.  Our app is multithreaded with two threads starting per
interface card, and we can have more than one interface card configured.
The buffer size specified can vary but it's usually around 5-10 MB.  I
have recently put in some changes to serialize the command in case there
is a timing issue, as I'm not sure if the call is thread safe.  I
remember there was thread issue with the filter command.  This is on
Windows 2003.  Any other ideas?  




	Ed Sassone



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