[Winpcap-users] basic_dump example

Mikael Hillborg mikael at hillborg.se
Sun May 24 02:10:13 PDT 2009

Guy Harris wrote:
> On May 23, 2009, at 5:37 AM, Mikael Hillborg wrote:
>> The line:
>>  pcap_findalldevs_ex(PCAP_SRC_IF_STRING, NULL, &alldevs, errbuf)
>> returns -1 and the app then exits with
>>  fprintf(stderr,"Error in pcap_findalldevs: %s\n", errbuf);
> What's the full message that it prints?  (I.e., what's in errbuf?


My mistake, I didn't run the app as administrator. I'm a little 
surprised though that it's not even possible to enumerate the devices 
without running the app as administrator.


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