[Winpcap-users] How can i get the new-est packetfrombuffer?HELPPLEASE~!

rst slash at realscene.com.tw
Mon May 25 23:31:19 PDT 2009

There is a machine, It send packets to my application , and the speed is fixed 
(about 200000 packets/per second = 0.000005 second for a packet),
the packet include some informations, my application need the informations to do realtime control.

my application need 0.0001 second (0.1 ms) to finish a control loop,
when the application doing control,  it need "current" information.
but because the buffer, I always got the oldest information in buffer,
so i can't do the realtime control.

Does any function can clear buffer?
or decrease the buffer size ?
or stop capture packet for awhile ( let the incoming packets drops immediacy, don't fill into buffer )?

another question, how large is the buffer size?

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  I don't think there is a way to get to the front of the queue to get the latest packet.  You have to sequentially read through the queue.

  Can you explain what your application is doing?  When you say you want the newest packet, what does that mean (i.e. each packet received is the newest packet at that moment in time)?

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