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Michel NoSpam michel.tempo at yahoo.fr
Tue Nov 3 00:59:41 PST 2009


I would to know a which level Wireshark/Winpcap samples the IP packets.
I use a mobile phone as a modem (DUN). A flow control permits to adjust the data flow from the PC to the modem.

We have a downlink and a uplink data flow.
Because of this flow control, we can see that the downlink TCP data are not acknowledge immediately.

I would like to know where wireshark samples the data?
When the data leave the ipstack or when the data leave the PC?
Can I configure wireshark/winpcap to sample the packet a layer 3?
(I am affraid it could have some important delay between layer3 -> layer 2 -> layer 1)

(stack ip -> PPP -> USB -> modem) 

Thanks a lot. 

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