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  Even if Wireshark is running on the same PC with the two applications, it won't see the traffic then?

That doesn't matter. 


  Is the traffic not ever reaching the NDIS level on the PC?

Yes, the traffic is completely managed by the TCP/IP stack driver, which sits at the top of the NDIS stack.



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  If the two applications run on the same PC, even if bound to two different IP addresses assigned to two different NICs, the traffic will not hit the wire at all. The traffic between the two applications is routed directly by the TCP/IP stack, and will not reach the NIC card.


  Hope this helps



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    I have a scenario where I have multiple NICs installed in my PC.  I have 2 applications running, each bound to a separate NIC/IP Address and sending UDP traffic between the two applications.


    When attempting to capture this traffic, though, Wireshark is only capturing broadcasts.  Is there some issue when capturing this type of traffic on the same PC?  


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