[Winpcap-users] WinPcap: packet capture latency.

Alimjan Kuramshin alimjankuramshin at gmail.com
Wed Jan 20 09:56:02 PST 2010

Hello, everyone! My name is Alimjan and i'm developing custom board with the ethernet device and i've got some problem 
with capturing data from it ..

I'm using Notebook Asus G1S with Windows XP + SP3 installed to connect to my board. Using WinPcap(4.1.1), i'm capture data from the board. So, i've found that delay between the captured packets is a very 'vary' i mean that it has huge spread, e.g,
at 10 mbits/s i've got 45-70 us delay, it is normal i gues, but some times this delay grow up to 3-7 ms (milliseconds), for example, distance between packets: 45 us, 46 us, 50 us, 47 us and so on.. then
4 ms, 7 ms, 1 ms, and then again 53 us, 47 us and so on, the repeat... Number of 'normal' delay is also very 'vary', delay may appear in a different numbers of received packets, no logic :( 

My laptop is directly connected to my board e.g. cross TX->RX, RX->TX, no hubs or something. Also using oscilloscope connected to the  TX+ and TX- lines i've found that it is no delay between packet that my custom board (device) have send.  Anybody please, help me to solve this situation,
may be i'm doing something wrong?

P.S. i'm using winpcap exapmle code to capture the packets with callback method and within pcap_next_ex.

P.P.S i'm sorry for my english spelling skill, i hope that you can understand my.

Many thanks, bye..
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