[Winpcap-users] 4.1.2 Compatibility with mingw-w64 toolchain?

Mark Bednarczyk mark at slytechs.com
Thu Oct 7 00:48:28 PDT 2010

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> Subject: Re: [Winpcap-users] 4.1.2 Compatibility with
> mingw-w64 toolchain?
> I've never tried mingw-w64 before (last time I tried, it was
> MSYS and only 32bit), are there precompiled packages
> available online that one can install?


This is a different project then mingw, although they both sound the same
and as far as I understand it, run by different team. Mingw-w64 does both
32-bit and 64-bit, while mingw from http://mingw.org only does 32-bit, at
this time.

There were no changes to my build environment to go from mingw to mingw-w64,
except for changing the windows "path" from c:\mingw to c:\mingw64 when
executing my build script.

> Also, is mingw-w64 a cross-compiler or just the 64bit version
> of the toolchain?
> I'm used to the MS compilers that are 32bit and cross-compile
> (I used to compile all the 64bit WinPcap components on an XP
> 32bit VM).

The GCC and 'binutils' is what allows cross-compiling. So as long as the
toolchain provides the 32-bit and 64-bit version of 'binutils', you can
cross-compile it. Mingw only provide 32-bit for now, that is why I had to
switch to mingw-w64 to compile my code.


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