[Winpcap-users] Îòâåò: WinPCAP packets capture delay..

Fish" (David B. Trout fish at infidels.org
Tue Sep 21 02:57:19 PDT 2010


p.s. Even though I understood you perfectly the way you phrased it, I
thought as one friend to another I would help make your English a bit more

> and number of 'normal' delay between packets
> is very vary as delay itself, [...]

I believe a better way of saying that would be:

  "The number of packets between one series
   of 'normal'-delay packets and the next
   series of 'normal'-delay packets varies

(Just trying to help! From one friend to another!)

"Fish" (David B. Trout) 
 fish at softdevlabs.com

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