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Gianluca Varenni Gianluca.Varenni at riverbed.com
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I'm a bit confused.
The original email was from Yvan and was reporting an issue by which no packets were captured. Here you talk about packets delivered only after a timeout. Did you reply to the wrong email thread?

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Yes my adapter is there, I can look at the packets in Wireshark and in my C code. See packets missed in Wireshark, in my code they arrive after the timeout.



Gianluca Varenni wrote:

Is your adapter listed by Wireshark and/or Windump?

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I'm on a Windows 7 machine, and my app doesn't capture any packets. I'm using the latest version of WinPCAP (4.1.2 if I recall corectly). The strange thing is, WinDump doesn't work too. Are there special things I need to do, before capturing?

Do I need to run the app as Administrator? (that didn't help neither...)

Thank you!


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