[Winpcap-users] Installation of WinPcap 4.1.2

Peter Hegel peter.hegel at doli.de
Thu Feb 24 06:32:25 PST 2011

Hello Satish, 
  I installed WinPcap 4.1.2. Earlier I was using Ver 4.0.2.Should I manually replace the wpcap.dll in the System32 folder with the latest version after every installation? 

Try uninstalling WinPcap. If WinPcap.dll still exists in Windows\System32 remove it manualy.

Rebot the system.

Try the installation with Ver. 4.1.2 (follow the instructions of CommunicationDriver.pdf in "Program Files\Doli\CommunicationDrivers").

  Currently, the assembly is not getting replaced with the latest version when I run the installer.

Strange. It never happened to me. 

What is your Windows version?

Do you have different user accounts on your machine?

Best Regards,


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