[Winpcap-users] pcap file pointer

Gianluca Varenni Gianluca.Varenni at riverbed.com
Fri Jan 14 18:04:29 PST 2011

What you can do is open the file in your code with an fopen, and then use pcap_fopen_offline() (there is a trick in the code that makes everything work).

There is a sample in the wpdpack that shows  how to use it, WpdPack\Examples-remote\pcap_fopen.

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On Jan 14, 2011, at 11:55 AM, Brian Panneton wrote:

I am aware that pcap_file is deprecated, however I am in need of getting the actual file pointer to the beginning of each packet. Is there some other way to access this pointer?

Unfortunately, no - there's no pcap_tell() call, for example, and something such as that would be needed (as the documentation indicates, pcap_file() is deprecated because there's no guarantee that its return value could be used, so the ftell() call would have to be done inside WinPcap).
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