[Winpcap-users] WinPCap dropping packets UNLESS USB device pluggedin?

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Hi Jerry,


Just a shot in the dark here, but a possible one....


Compile and run the below program.  See if you get the correct 10hz
behavior while that program is running...  


Good Luck,


-          Mark Pizzolato


Link this with Winmm.lib


#include <windows.h>

main(int argc, char **argv)


timeBeginPeriod (1);

while (1) Sleep(1000000);




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I've ran into a very odd situation with WinPCap 4.1.2.  I have a several
quad core HP computers running a WinPCap based application that sends a
broadcast UDP message at 10hz.  For some reason on these HP machines,
instead of the broadcast (192.168.x.255) coming out of the NIC at 10hz,
the traffic only seems to be at 1-3hz (this is displayed on our embedded
system.)  If I run Wireshark on the local HP PC though, I clearly see a
packet every 100 ms.  However, if I run Wireshark on another PC
connected to the same network, it confirms the 1-3 hz issue.  Here's the
really strange thing.  If I plug in a USB drive, or a USB network
adapter (even though I'm not using it), the broadcast starts working
normally (10 hz).  Unplug the USB device, and it drops back down.  I ran
a test application that uses basic Winsock (the Delphi Indy components
to be exact), and it always seems to work fine.


Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.





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