[Winpcap-users] rate limitation

MARMONIER Cédric cmarmonier at ifotec.com
Tue Sep 20 04:52:53 PDT 2011



I do :


            if (pcap_sendpacket(adhandle, buf, packetSizeInByte) != 0)


                printf("\nError sending the packet: %s\n",

                return 3;



ð  I send UDP multicast packets (size is 1514 Bytes)


With an 100Mb Ethernet Switch,  my PC send an 100Mb flow

But when I connect my PC to a Gigabit  Ethernet switch (D-LINK DGS-1008D),
my PC send a 45Mb flow : it isn’t the switch which drop packets but the
function sendpacket() which run slower (no packets are lost).


Do you know why ?

I think it isn’t the Ethernet flow control mechanism (802.3x) because with
wireshark I don’t capture PAUSE packets (wireshark can capture them ?)



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