[Winpcap-users] Output to Cygwin Terminal (mintty) appears queued

Gerald Combs gerald at wireshark.org
Mon Jan 9 07:37:23 PST 2012

On 1/9/12 5:51 AM, inetjunkmail wrote:

> "From the point of view of these programs, mintty is a pipe. When a
> program thinks it's writing to a display (a tty), it typically flushes
> the output after every line. But when a program thinks the user won't
> see its output, a program typically flushes its buffers less often
> because writing in larger chunks is more efficient. You need to
> convince these non-Cygwin programs to not buffer their output."
> Are there any switches I can use when I run WinDump to alleviate this?
>  If not, is there any other recommendation?

You might try the "-l" flag:

       -l     Make stdout line buffered. Useful if you want to see
              the data while capturing it. E.g.,
              ``tcpdump  -l | tee dat'' or
              ``tcpdump  -l  > dat  &  tail  -f  dat''.

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