[Winpcap-users] Windows 7 Pro x64 RE Install Fails

Fish" (David B. Trout fish at infidels.org
Mon Jan 30 22:57:24 PST 2012

Mark Pizzolato wrote:

> Maybe you had such an application running when you
> tried to do your uninstall (which had these DLLs open
> and thus caused the uninstall to not completely do its
> job). [...]

Technically the uninstaller SHOULD be smart enough to handle such a
situation automatically. (*)

(*) Such as by notifying the user to give them the opportunity to close the
process in question before proceeding with the uninstall or by requiring a
reboot afterwards to force the removal of the in-use DLL. (**)

(**) Ref: NSIS "/REBOOTOK" option, "IfRebootFlag" flag and "Reboot"


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