[Winpcap-users] PacketSetNumWrites in pcap.h?

Kyle Simons simonskj05 at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 5 15:52:02 PDT 2012

I was reviewing the code in detail and thought I better clarify because it differs between dll's.  I am referring to the "PacketSetNumWrites" and "PacketSendPacket" in the Windows NTx version.  And looking further, I am not sure PacketSendPacket is available from wpcap.dll either.  At first I thought the pcap_sendpacket called it but was incorrect.  
These functions are nice for performance testing (getting max rates) and I was planning to call them by communicating with wpcap.dll directly to access/gain other features too.


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> Thought I would reply again and hope to see if anyone can help? If this is not possible, can a new function be added into the next wpcap  release that allows us to set and utilize PacketSetNumWrites from wpcap.dll? 

Why not simply build and use the static versions of packet.dll + wpcap.dll?  I.e. build and link with your homemade packet.lib +
wpcap.lib. Isn't that difficult. Look in WinPcap\prj\GNUmakefile for an idea.

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