[Winpcap-users] Packet random access using file seek

Gisle Vanem gvanem at broadpark.no
Mon Apr 22 06:51:42 PDT 2013

"Pat Marion" <pat.marion at kitware.com> wrote:

> This works, but seeking on the file pointer using ftell/fseek does not
> work.  For example, on linux ftell() will return the offset 24 after
> pcap_fopen_offline(), while on Windows the returned file offset is 4096.
> So it appears that my plan to use file seeking may not be possible on
> Windows.  I am using the winpcap 4.1.2 development package and dll.

I think your problems stems from this ugliness in <pcap/pcap.h>:

  #if defined(WIN32)
    pcap_t  *pcap_hopen_offline(intptr_t, char *);
    #if !defined(LIBPCAP_EXPORTS)
      #define pcap_fopen_offline(f,b) \
      pcap_hopen_offline(_get_osfhandle(_fileno(f)), b)
    #else /*LIBPCAP_EXPORTS*/
      static pcap_t *pcap_fopen_offline(FILE *, char *);
  #else /*WIN32*/
    pcap_t *pcap_fopen_offline(FILE *, char *);
  #endif /*WIN32*/

(indented for clarity). But since there's several variant of this
in the official libpcap vs. WinPcap, it's hard to tell what code
you're using.

Anyway, when you call 'pcap_fopen_offline()' in the DLL (with it's 
own independent C-runtime lib), it expects the 'FILE *fp' argument to 
be relative to this CRT. But it's not apparently not. You give 
winpcap.dll a 'fp' that is relative to *your* C-runtime library. I.e. 
you're mixing data between boundaries. This is a big no-no on Windows.
Remember that stuff related to 'FILE *fp' data is just an address
into an '_iotab[]' array (check <stdio.h>. While '_get_osfhandle' 
returns a low level OS file descriptor.

Your code was probably built with '-DLIBPCAP_EXPORTS' (it's default).
The fix could be to put something like this in your code (untested):

  #undef pcap_fopen_offline
  #define pcap_fopen_offline(fp,err_buf) \
     pcap_hopen_offline (_get_osfhandle(_fileno(fp)), err_buf)

Ref. the docs on _get_osfhandle():


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